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3/4 Graders-message from coach

By Jim Waldorf, 08/05/19, 8:15PM HST


Welcome to Beaverton Youth Football

Hi, Everyone -

Welcome to Beaverton Youth Football for the Fall '19 season. My name is Jim Waldorf and I have the privilege of coaching the Grade 3/4 team this year. Just a quick note to get the things going…


I've been involved in coaching my sons' soccer, basketball, baseball, and football teams the last several years and had the opportunity to play football in college. I'm incredibly excited to help introduce our kiddos to the game so that they can be safe and successful, and have fun at the same time.


Early Items on Logistics and Scheduling - more to come...

Per another note from Todd (BYF President) hopefully you are all coordinating with him on picking up your gear
You should have all also received a few notes about Beaver Camp changing to August 12th - 16th. 
For those of you in the Beaverton and Sunset districts, would you please reply to let me know whether or not you'll be at Beaver Camp?
Our team practices will start the week of August 19th.
Our practice location will be the Beaverton High School practice field - behind the home team stands
Right now our practices are tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 5pm to 7pm
After school starts, we'll practice 2 or 3 days per week - we'll see where the boys are and what makes sense
I fully understand that it is a good chunk of time. Aside from the physical component, football has many technical elements that I want to ensure that the boys are exposed to and begin to understand to maximize their enjoyment of and success in the game
Call for Help -- :-)

As many if not all of you have either been involved in or witnessed the youth leagues, the best experiences for the kiddos are when we have maximum parent volunteer involvement to help keep them focused. Football, particularly when you begin to play tackle, requires even more support. So I need your help in a couple key areas

I'm lucky to already have two Assistant Coaches who have stepped up to help - which is fantastic
We need a Co-Safety Coordinator to handle first aid for minor bumps and bruises. Also to be responsible to report all major injuries - reporting and training procedures to be provided. My wife will be stepping in to help here, but we may have occasional scheduling conflicts with my other son's activities so we need to ensure that we have coverage
And we need a Team Parent to organize all game day things beyond the game: such as team logs, snacks, end of season team party, etc.
Please reach out to me if you are able to provide support in any of these areas.


Thank you for the opportunity to coach your son this season. We're going to have a lot of fun...and learn a lot along the way. I'll be following up on other details of practice schedules and more. At any time, please let me know of any questions.

And for more detailed info on the league, please refer to,